How Do They Do A Knee Replacement?

This video gives you an excellent idea of what’s involved in a knee replacement surgery. It gives you a good idea of the basic anatomy of the knee as well as specifics about the surgery itself.

What is a Knee Replacement?

This is another good video. The animation isn’t quite as good as the first one but the information is still pretty good and complements the above video.

Video of a Knee Replacement Surgery

Now that you have a good idea of what all goes into having a knee replacement… The next video is footage from an actual knee replacement.

WARNING!!! The next video is pretty graphic (not bloody) and shows the surgeon cutting through the tissues down to the bone. Don’t watch this if you get squeamish!

That’s the real deal. But, while it may look pretty intense, 1000s are done everyday in the US. It’s a pretty common operation and most people do pretty well.

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