How Much Should I Be Walking After My Knee Replacement?

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“I want to get back to Normal. I want to start walking without this walker. When can I do that?”
One thing you really want to keep an eye on once you’ve had your knee replacement surgery is how much swelling is in the knee.
If you are doing a lot of walking the chances of your knee staying irritated and swollen are pretty high.

If you have a lot of swelling in the knee, you’re going to have a lot more pain, and also it’s going to be difficult to bend or straighten the knee.

And if you keep the knee swollen and irritated there is a greater opportunity for you to develop an infection or a DVT.

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However this does not mean that you shouldn’t be walking, for practicing how to walk normally. But what it does mean is that you need to make sure that the amount of walking that you’re doing is not irritating your knee.

The amount of walking that you’re able to do was going to change on a daily basis. Some days depending on your pain level and whether you are tired or not may be better than others. Some days may be worse.

But the general trend in your ability to walk should improve on a weekly basis. You will find that you will be able to walk better and for longer periods of time as you go through the healing process.

Your challenge is going to be to focus on how your knee is responding to the amount of walking that you’re doing.

Once people get home from the hospital they find that there are all sorts of things that they need to be doing. Things like doing the laundry, taking the garbage out, even trying to do things like vacuuming and other household chores.

When you’re trying to recover from a knee replacement surgery, things like that need to be put a side and on the back burner. Its a better idea just to focus on how your knee is responding to the things that you’re doing rather than how many things you can do.

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2 thoughts on “How Much Should I Be Walking After My Knee Replacement?
  1. Shanthi de Fonseka

    Reading this information after two and a half months after total knee replacement has helped me a lot, but I am very concerned as my operated knee doesn’t bend more than 90degress at the moment, though I religiously try to do the exsercises. Please advice why I can’t bend it still.
    Really appreciate your valuable advice on this.
    With much gratitude.

    1. Physical Therapist

      Hello Shanthi,
      Believe it or not, you are having an experience that is pretty common for many people. I would encourage you to read some of the comments and the replies on this blog post

      Start with the most recent comments and work your way up. I have addressed this very concern in a couple of these comments.

      You may find some encouragement there.

      Best of luck.


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