Stay Ahead Of Your Pain

The most important thing for you to do after a knee replacement his work on your range of motion. The bending and straightening of your knee.

It’s difficult for some people to work on range of motion exercises after a knee replacement because of the level of pain that they have. But you don’t want an increase in pain to stop you from doing your exercises.

So along with the exercises that you need to do comma it’s essential that you use your pain medication as instructed by your doctor.

A lot of the time if you’re not moving you’re not really having that much pain. And if you’re not having pain, a lot of people wonder why they should take pain medication.

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You take pain medication routinely, even if you don’t have pain, so that you are able to move with as little pain as possible.

If you sit back and think about it, it’s important that you have the pain medication already in your system when you start to do your exercises. This way you can get the most out of your exercises and not have to worry about your leg hurting that much.

Some people have difficulty with pain in the morning. This is because they’ve slept through the night and the pain pills I took before bedtime has worn off.

What I like to recommend that people do is before they go to bed put your pain pills on your bedside table with a few crackers or a piece of fruit. That way you can take the pain medication as soon as you wake up and you’ll have some food with it so you will be able to keep it down.

This also will go a long way into preventing the excuse of not getting your exercises in earlier in the day. Since you will have taken your pain medication right when you wake up you should be relatively pain-free when you’re ready to do your exercises.

So the important thing that I wanted to get across in this article is that if you don’t take your pain medication routinely you will not be able to do your exercises as vigorously as you need to.

Build your day around taking your pain medication and doing your exercises and your Rehabilitation time be short and sweet.

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4 thoughts on “Stay Ahead Of Your Pain
  1. Pedro

    I was able to lift my leg 2 days after my TKR. I did 4 months of Prehab excercises
    and was able to add some strength and tone to what were fairly wasted muscles.


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